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 Dill Pickles Rag - Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival, West Plains, Missouri, 2012 Twinkles - Charles A. Gish Kansas City Rag - James Scott Pleasant Moments Waltz

The Rhythmia is Fine and Dandy

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The Rhythmia: The Rhythmia Is Fine and Dandy



The Rhythmia: The Rhythmia Is Fine and Dandy

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The Rhythmia is Fine and Dandy CD Booklet

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Track List:



1. Slivers (Maude Gilmore) 1909

2. Bill Driver's Cakewalk (attributed to Bill Driver)

3. Shiftless Johnson (Leon A. Wheeler) 1901

4. Olga Meringue Par (Arthur Duroseau)

5. Pleasant Moments Waltz (Scott Joplin) 1909

6. Fine and Dandy (Charles L. Johnson) 1908

7. New Money (traditional)

8. Frog Legs Rag (James Scott) 1906

9. Revelry Rag (Kevin Sanders - Susan Cordell) 1993

10. Blanche Toucoutou/Can-Can (Beaumont/traditional)

11. Three-in-One Two Step (Huggins Williams) 1929

12. Rainbow (Percy Wenrich) 1908

13. Jimmy Driftwood (Pat Ireland) 2011

14. Levee Revels (William Christopher O'Hare) 1898; Arranged by Bob Ault

15. Ozark Rag (Huggins Williams) 1930

16. Valsez, Valsez (traditional Creole Song)

17. Melon Days (Pat Ireland) 2010

18. The St. Louis Rag (Tom Turpin) 1903